Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tips on Preparing Your Child For Going (Back) To Preschool

By Joanne A. Jesena
Just a little over a month and kids will be going back to school. Are your kids ready?

If you have a preschooler, you will need more time and effort in preparing him to go back to school.

Here are some tips to help you out.

    Find out his class schedule and start waking him up at the time that he will need to wake up when classes start. Make sure his nap time is not during class hours. If it is, try to move it to another time so that he will not be sleepy or cranky when he’s back in school and he cannot rest/sleep at his usual nap time.

    Follow a routine at home so that when your child goes (back) to school he will feel comfortable following a routine. Try to make waking up time, eating time, play time, reading time and sleeping time the same everyday.

    Bring your child along when shopping for the things he will need to use and bring to school (bag, lunch box, toothbrush etc.) When possible, let him choose his preference.

    Let him use, at home, the things he will bring to school. This will help your child get use to his things and he will easily recognize what is his in school.

    If possible, arrange for your child to visit his school a few days before classes start. It would also help if he can meet his teacher/s. Teachers are usually already working weeks before classes start. You can ask them if your child may visit the school and meet them. Also if possible, arrange a playgroup with some of the kids that will be his classmates. This will make your child adjust more quickly since he is more familiar with his school, classmates and teacher/s.

    Read books about going to school and prep your child that he, too, will be going to school soon. Talk about the fun things he will do in school.

    Prepare a calendar and mark the days until the beginning of school. Make the first day of school a day to look forward to.

    If your child does not seem interested or enthusiastic about school, ask your child’s teacher ways on how to encourage him. A child’s reluctance to go to school can stem from many factors. Make sure you and the teacher explore all possible reasons so you can arrive at possible solutions. If your child can articulate himself, try asking him why he is reluctant to go to school. Be sensitive to signs that may give you a clue.

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